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As the leading force in China’s power amplifier sector, MereSemi has ramped up its R&D and innovation efforts and made significant headway in delivering high-quality products over the past two years. Many products of the company are widely recognized for their industry-leading performance. In addition to major breakthroughs in existing products, the company is actively involved in the research and development of RF technologies.

Our business continuity policy: Risk management, rapid response, continuous improvement, and strong support.

Our quality policy: Trustworthiness, customer first, excellence, and continuous improvement.

Our environmental policy: Energy saving, continuous improvement, and eco-friendly.

Our HSE policy: Safety First, people-centered, organization-wide awareness, continuous improvement.

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Meresemi offerings provide the broadest capabilities in the industry coupled with deep system design expertise. We can support your designs with complete signal chain capability, including RF, and Analog device. You can choose from a broad selection of discrete components and integrated solutions, including comprehensive antenna to bits portfolio for applications DC to beyond 100 GHz. Meresemi offers the widest array of technologies, including RF  and Analog Device. Discover the difference Analog Devices can make for your RF  designs in Communications, IOTs,and Industrial.


We've deployed different wireless chips for the Internet of Things. With our broad range of SoCs, modules and development kits, we have many hardware solutions for all your connected device designs.


Sense and control are the two most common goals of IoT applications. With integrated digital and analog front ends, our platform has the ability to perform these actions at a minimal bill-of-materials cost.


Power Management IC (PMIC) is an extremely flexible, highly-efficient, multi-output power management IC, providing complete system power and primary cell battery Coulomb counting for IOTs devices.

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Our business operations, product design and technology investments all take into consideration environmental impact, and we employ strict process controls and continual improvement to our quality, social and environmental management systems. We demand high standards from all of our global supply chain partners, including business integrity and respect for human rights and the planet. We strive to ensure that working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity and global manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. 

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